Tips for Using Cheap Smartphone Abroad

Tips for Using Cheap Smartphone Abroad

  21 Sep 2019

The internet has totally changed the way we plan a trip and has brought instant communication with our friends and family. But using the smartphone abroad has always been a big headache for travelers. International roaming charges are prohibitive and to escape this we have to go hunting for some cafe or restaurant with wifi for connectivity during our tours.

Using the apps on our phone make our lives a lot easier while traveling. First, because the economy is big and the ease is right. In addition, there are a multitude of uses such as checking or changing a hotel reservation, tracking the flight, locating by maps, using communication applications, etc.

Tip: Before your trip, download the most famous apps for your destination. In your Smartphone store (Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store) look for the best apps by typing in the city / country name, for example “Budapest” or “Paris” and see which ones have the highest grades. They will have precious and specific information and functionality specific to local residents or those traveling there.

Smartphone abroad

You have basically 4 ways to keep using your smartphone abroad.

  • Pay your carrier’s absurd fees by hiring a package that includes data and international voice;
  • Be hostage to your hotel’s wifi or go hunting for a cafe or restaurant offering the service;
  • Purchase a chip at the destination and contract a package from that region;
  • Have the convenience of wasting time, purchase a prepaid chip before you travel, and have it ready to use when you arrive at your destination;

Honestly the first option (your carrier’s package) we never even considered and, unless of extreme urgency, the tip is that you never do that either.

The second option (hotel wifi / cafe) we use for a long time and of course if you want a really economical trip this will be your best option. But it’s a hell of a perengue you need to work out something on the road and not have the internet available.

The third option (buy a local chip) and the fourth option (buy in advance) we used recently and no doubt was the best thing we did.

With a 3G or 4G chip you enjoy the full potential of the internet and all its apps. You can consult, ask questions about the trip in real time and still have constant communication with your friends and family who stayed in Brazil

Prepaid Chip Travel Connected

The Travel Online offers prepaid chip service to the United States and Europe and is highly recommended by travelers and the best bloggers in the country. That’s why we partner with them here on the blog, with one of the best costs x benefits for our readers.

You can purchase your smartphone chip by clicking the link above. We have a step by step tutorial explaining everything in detail in this post.

* Buy your chip from the link above. We earn a small commission, YOU DON’T PAY ANYTHING THERE , and help the blog keep posting FREE content !

The prepaid chip is a great solution but not for all countries. We recently went to India and bought a chip at the airport itself. If the country you wish to visit is not yet covered by Travel Mobile, find out if there will be a communications company right at the airport of arrival or ask for more information for your hotel.

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