Tips for Renting Better and Cheaper Car

Tips for Renting Better and Cheaper Car

  21 Sep 2019

Freedom to make as many stops as you like and spend minutes or hours admiring that beautiful road landscape. You can easily change itineraries or carry good luggage and accommodate your kids on a super trip.

These are some advantages to renting a car to know your destination.

But it is not for any situation. There are places like Sao Paulo, New York or London where besides not financially compensating, the headache is immense because of the traffic and the difficulty in finding a place to park.

We recommend renting a car mainly for trips in the interior of each country, where there may be the difficulty of efficient transportation and where there are good roads along the way.

We already rented a car in various parts of the world such as Chile, the United States, and Germany and never had problems. The important thing is to pay attention to the rules of each company and country.

In most countries, our driver’s license is sufficient to rent a car, but there are others where an international driver’s license is required. Without it, you will not even be able to remove the car from the company yard.


Cheap Car Rental at RentCars


The renters are a price comparison website where you can, at once, perform a search in over 140 different stores, at the best prices. All major rental companies in the world, in Brazil and abroad, are available for rent.

Its main differentials are:
  • Exclusive discounts of up to 60 %.
  • Payment in reais, without the charge of IOF.
  • Installment up to 12 times.
  • 5% discount on payment via bank slip.
  • The best prices on over 140 car rental companies.
  • Reservations and telephone call center in Portuguese.
  • Promotions with exclusive rental companies for Rent cars customers.

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