Tips for Booking the Best and Cheap Hotel and Pousada

Tips for Booking the Best and Cheap Hotel and Pousada

  21 Sep 2019

In the midst of so many options, it is normal to be in doubt when choosing which is the best place to stay. That’s because there’s a chance we’ll get into a stolen one and we’ll only really know if the hotel will please when we get there. Another problem is a large amount of options that may hinder our choice.

But with the internet, the chances of making mistakes have greatly decreased. Before the trip, you can search and see the reviews of those who have stayed in places. But it is crucial to know where to search, what to search and who to believe. Many people have different opinions from us and many tips can be biased.


What are the essentials in a Hotel?

Below we list what we consider essential in a hosting search:

  • Search on the world’s best hotel booking site – the ILoveTrip Index is based primarily on booking information. The Booking is the best hotels worldwide booking site. It is safe to book online, gives many accommodation options and only reviews people who have stayed at the hotel.
  • Positive Guest Reviews – Every hotel gets an overall guest rating based on things like cleanliness, comfort, location, amenities, staff, and wifi. Therefore, at the time of research, our criterion is to choose only accommodation that is rated overall over 8 out of 10 possible and at least 20 different reviews from people who have stayed at this hotel.
  • Good location  – this item is critical when selecting the best hotels. Good location reduces travel time while ensuring more convenience and safety.
  • Wifi  – this is an essential item these days. Despite the ease of having access elsewhere is always good to have wifi in the hotel if you need to consult some information.
  • Best price range – Based on the assessment of previous items, we filter hotel prices for the best rates.
  • Listing top 20 hotels for each destination  – depending on place and time of year, hotel prices can vary widely and availability as well. So it is always good to have some hosting options to help you choose.

Other amenities that the hotel offers, even if not essential, may also weigh in at the time of choice. Items such as breakfast available, flexible check-in and check-out times, and good service can be differential when choosing a hotel.

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