The Viking Funeral

  17 May 2020

Some people think that Viking funerals are a good way to send a loved one. This beautiful grand gesture is completely influenced by the images spilled by Hollywood studios.

The way the movies portrayed it, the Vikings sent their honored dead by putting the corpse in a boat and setting fire to the arrows. Let us explore the history of this concept through cinema.

First appearance: Bu Guste

Beau Guest (1939-not rated) has three brothers, Gary Cooper, Ray Milland and Robert Preston, who flee to join the French Foreign Legion. In a flashback to his childhood, the brothers are playing with toy boats on a pond. Beau, the oldest (played by a very young Donald O’Connor), adopted his younger brother John and promised him a Viking funeral.

They take one of the toy boats and place the toy soldier on the matchbox. “Wait a minute! A Viking should always bury the dog on his feet,” Beau said. A toy dog ​​is taken out of the study and placed into the boat, matches are lit and the boat is closed.

They stand with a hat to deflect, as Brother Digby drowns in a boat fire in the final post salute of his trumpet. “I want it when my time comes,” Beau said.

Grand Vision marked: The Vikings

The Vikings (1958-not rated) saw Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis as two brothers, Viking half brothers. This lavish costume drama ended with a Viking funeral, which became an ideal in popular culture. “Prepare the funeral for the Viking,” Tony Curtis participates in a mano-in-man fight after leaving Kirk Douglas.

With the fire already burning, society gathers by the sea. On the construction of armor and spears, the four Vikings in battle gear take their bodies to the boat on shore. The Vikings put their bodies on the deck and left.

The heavy striped boat comes in place. An archer shoots a fiery arrow at the sail and the boat is pushed. Others join the archers, the smell of music, the sun setting and the ship completely engulfed in flames. Next version: Rocket Gibraltar In Rocket Gibraltar (1988-PG), Burt Lancaster is considered a patron of a large, relaxed family who comes together at his beach house to celebrate his 70th birthday. His eight granddaughters ask him what he wants for his birthday. He has no connection to them, no socks, he wants a Viking funeral. On the beach at night, as shown in the 1958 picture, the Vikings described how they sent their respected dead.

The children were inspired by the grandfather’s point of view. They find an abandoned snag called Rocket Gibraltar, hoist it with a striped boat, and decorate the bow with drift.

On his birthday, the children find out that Grandpa ended up with a heart condition while sleeping. While the big party is going on, the children are leaving the grandfather’s body out of the house. They hid the caterer’s van to take the body to the beach and give him his Viking funeral.

That’s when parents finally realize there is a crazy dash on the beach. They arrive at the meeting place to find the grandfather who is already on fire. Interestingly, they did not discipline their children for what they did. They sit and watch that sucker burn.

Other Views: Praise and Living Wake

Urology (2004-Mature Audience TV Ratings) is a comedy that brings together another family who mourns for a kind of patriarchal funeral. To this extent, the family carries the body in a coffin across the boat to the pond.

Grandfather’s coffin pierced the twin siblings, pours gasoline inside and darts at the boat from a distance. In this example, there is a big blast that is very satisfying.

The Living Wake (2007-PG) is a dark comedy made by a self-proclaimed cast member. After being informed of his imminent death, he was eager to send out a Viking funeral. He falls to the local funeral parlor. Mandarin funeral dir

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