21 Sep 2019

A hotel can turn someone’s trip into an unforgettable experience, after planning the long-awaited vacation all year long, all we want is the peace of mind. When it comes time to choose a place to stay, hosting cannot become a problem anymore. Whether for vacation or work, the hotel is the place where you should have the security that will be welcomed when you arrive for rest after a full day of meetings or sightseeing. He will be the client’s home during your stay there, so you must meet all your expectations so that you feel comfortable and can focus on your activities.

In order for the hotel to be able to meet all the needs of its customers, it needs to know what their preferences are and what they are looking for. The Satisfaction Survey is a great way to know if the business is meeting customer expectations. It consists of conducting a questionnaire with guests about the period they were staying on site. It makes it possible to identify both positive and negative aspects, giving the hotel manager the insight his guests have about the facilities.

When well cared for in a hotel people carry only positive memories in that luggage, as they will tie the image of the hotel with memories of the trip. That way, when they return to that city or are asked about accommodation on the spot they will remember where they stayed, to refer a friend for example. If it is a hotel chain the customer can be loyal and stay in other companies of the same group.

Keep relationship

Due to the good service and the positive experience of staying, the customer can remember the hotel naturally, but this will be much more effective if he is encouraged to do so. By keeping in touch with the guest even after he leaves, the hotel builds a relationship with him, whether he comes back or not, the important thing is to know more about his satisfaction in the days he was staying.

This relationship allows you to know more about the customer, their preferences and personal tastes, which besides serving as a guide to finding out what is working or not working in the company, may well be exploited by the marketing team, gaining efficiency in their business. campaigns by creating them that target what customers are looking for.

The contact even allows the sending of relevant information to the customer, according to their profile, such as tips of any cultural event or a trade fair that is happening in the city for example. Even if he has no plans to return to the site, he will notice the company’s consideration of keeping in touch and will remember this in a possible indication.

Diversify Search Methods

In a hotel hosting different customer profiles, social classes and age groups, each person will be more susceptible to answering the survey in one way, so the more different search modes the site has, the more customers can respond. The survey can be done by a form left in the room for guest to respond, sent to the check-in email, through the telephone where someone talks to the guest to know their experience or even by automated systems…

The survey can be applied both during the stay and after checkout, as long as it is not long after or the customer may forget some details when answering. Even comments that guests make to employees during their stay, as far as company services are concerned, may be considered for further consideration.

Customers who respond to the survey regardless of the form may be sent an email thanking them for their time and letting them know if any suggestions they have made have been implemented in the company. This demonstrates care for the guest by conveying to him the feeling that his response really served something, that the research was not just done.

Act on the results

Even the best of Satisfaction Surveys will not work if not combined with an action plan, with the results analyzed the time for action, make an analysis of the main problems pointed out by customers and work out solutions for them. They are often small details, such as some fruit for breakfast or decoration suggestion, that do not require major investments but can make all the difference to those who suggested them.

Data can be saved for comparison purposes if more than one customer suggested the same improvement is a sign that it really is something to consider. The justification survey must evolve in its responses, indicating that the hotel is using customer feedback to focus on its growth. Not only will complaints and suggestions for improvements be collected, but positive feedbacks should also be valued and shared with employees, using compliments to generate motivation through recognition for excellent service.

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