How to Read Tests, Which Are Your Results?

How to Read Tests, Which Are Your Results?

  21 Sep 2019

Many women use a test pack to determine whether they are pregnant or not. Yes, in addition to seeing a doctor, the tests become a “place to ask” women (maybe including you one of them) when they feel signs of pregnancy such as nausea. Well, those of you who are using the test pack for the first time might be a little confused: How do you read the tests?

What is Test Pack?

Type is the name for a tool whose function is to detect pregnancy.

The type works by identifying the presence or absence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or pregnancy hormones in a woman’s urine. HCG or pregnancy hormone itself is produced by the placenta moving from the uterine cavity to then stick to the uterine wall after the egg is fertilized by sperm cells. HCG will increase 2 (two) times every 2-3 days and part of it is wasted with urine.

Type ( test pack ) is available at pharmacies and supermarkets. There are two types of test packs to choose from, namely:

  • Paper or strip test ( dip stick test pack ), is a type of test whose use is dipped in a urine sample. After 5-10 seconds, the symbol on the end of the test will change color if HCG is found in the urine
  • The plastic test is a type of test that can be used by dipping it in a container containing urine or dripping a few drops of urine into the tip of this tool. If positive is pregnant, the strip symbol on the test will change color

How to Read Tests (Positive, Negative, Vague)

Even though it looks easy, the fact is that many of you — especially those who have never had a pregnancy before — are confused when trying to use a test pack to confirm the condition.

The results of the tests consist of 3 (three) ie positive test results, negative test results, and vague test results. So, how to read these tests? Check out the following information.

1. How to Read Negative Test Results

The results of negative tests are indicated by a line on the test pack indicator that you use to detect pregnancy.

For information, pregnancy test kits have two lines consisting of a control line and a result line. If the test results are negative, the line that appears is only the control line while the result line does not appear because there is indeed no HCG hormone, aka pregnant hormone detected.

There are also cases where your test results are negative when you are late for your period. If so, then try to do the test again in the next 3 days.

2. How to Read Positive Test Results

Congratulations! You are almost certain to be pregnant positive if after dipping the tests into the urine (or dripping urine on the tests), the indicators on this pregnancy test show two lines.

The results of positive tests are indeed marked with two lines as shown in the following figure:

The two lines as previously stated are the control line and the result line. The appearance of the result line indicates the presence of the hormone HCG, aka pregnancy hormone in the urine.

After knowing the results of positive tests, immediately visit a gynecologist to ensure your pregnancy.

3. How to read the ‘Vague’ results test

It should be noted, there are times when one of these lines (usually the line below) looks unclear or can be said to be ‘faint’. If it is like this, then it still belongs to the positive test results. But there is a possibility that the pregnancy will not develop.

Therefore, consult a doctor immediately if you find positive test results that are not too clear for further examination.

In addition, the results of vague tests can also be in the form of the absence of the two lines, both the control line and the result line. In this case, the results of the tests have a failed status ( invalid ).

There are several factors that cause this, for example, HCG hormone levels are not too much so the results are not optimal. Therefore, it is recommended to use the test 12-14 days after a late period.

How to use Type

There are a number of things you need to consider related to how to use tests when you want to detect pregnancy.

How to use the correct test packs are:

  • Make sure you buy a test product that is far from the expiration date
  • Prepare a urine sample (preferably urine in the morning because it is believed to contain high levels of the hormone HCG so the results are more accurate) and place it in a special container
  • Open the wrap slowly so as not to damage the specs inside
  • Dip the test in the urine to the boundary line
  • If using the drops method, then drop 5 drops of urine into the tip of the spot
  • Lift or leave the test for about 10 seconds, then lift and dry
  • Wait for about 50 seconds for the indicator color to appear
  • The maximum waiting time is 5 minutes. If up to 5 minutes no lines appear, it means that the negative test results
  • Repeat the test after 3 days

In addition, there are some activities that are NOT recommended to be done before you use a perspective, namely:

  • Not doing excessive physical activity
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages
  • Do not consume drugs (consult with your doctor what medications should be stopped while using them)

What is the Test Pack Accuracy Level?

You may be familiar with the claims of the manufacturers that their products have an accuracy of up to 99 percent in detecting pregnancy. However, this also can not be separated from the concentration of the hormone HCG in the urine during the test.

Typically, the test producers will include information about the sensitivity of their products on the packaging. You can read this information to find out the detailed accuracy of the tests based on HCG concentration.

That’s the way to read the aspects you need to know. Positive test results, negative test results, as well as vague test results,  are temporary. You still have to see a gynecologist determine the status of the pregnancy. May be useful!

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