21 Sep 2019

For those looking to hire an internet plan, depending on the region, there are plenty of options for providers to sell this service. In large centers the market is dominated by telecommunications conglomerates, in inner cities, regional providers take access where these companies are not present. The internet has long since ceased to be used only on the computer. Cell phones, televisions, and even refrigerators can now be connected to the network. This has increased the demand for connection and with fiber optics, it can reach high speeds even in-home users.

But among so many options how to know what the proper connection plan? Usually, plans are sold for speed, and we opt for it according to what fits within the budget. But there are other issues to consider besides speed and price, a wrong choice can create constant annoyances for both the user and the provider providing the access. Before closing a contract it is worth to look at some points that will help in choosing the best internet plan.

Know your need

Choosing the right plan is a guarantee that the user will have no problems navigating, whether, for social networks or online games, slow internet is not always the ISP’s fault, often the demand may not match the speed. contracted. To know what the need for connection should be taken into account how many people will use the internet and what their profile. This analysis will determine if a simpler plan already meets consumption or if a more robust connection is required.

Virtually all internet users access some social network, whether to interact with friends, post that beautiful photo or make professional contacts. If the need for a connection is just for these purposes then there is no reason to invest in a more expensive plan, a simpler broadband connection will do. The same goes for watching YouTube videos as long as they are not watched in their high definition format.

Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, Netflix has given the power of choice to the user who defines what, how and where they want to watch their favorite content, provided they have a subscription to the service and an internet connection. In this case, to the marathon that series of the moment without worrying about crashes or quality loss, a basic plan will not be enough. As for Netflix, the platform itself provides the right speed for each video quality.

Users who enjoy playing online cannot suffer from lockups and connection fluctuations during their matches, or the gaming experience will be compromised, for this profile the highest provider connection speed is recommended. Many providers sell a download speed (data received) higher than upload (data upload), in an online game the internet is exchanging information every second, sending and receiving data, no matter how high the download rate. if the upload is insufficient the game will crash. Similarly, to make live broadcasts like lives on Youtube or Instagram, good upload speed is also required.

When choosing the right plan, as important as knowing what the internet will be used for is how many people will use it. In a family of four, if everyone is using the internet at the same time on different devices, it will be divided between the number of users. The house has a fixed speed value if everyone accesses the internet at the same time, and the data traffic is higher than the contracted plan it will slow down. Since some activities require more connection than others, this division is not always done evenly between connected devices, so if one user downloads it, it can take all of the bandwidth for themselves, impairing the access of others.

If a business connection is beyond speed requires network stability, many companies rely entirely on the internet to carry out their activities, so running out of connection is a waste of time and money. Some providers have a special plan for such cases, which ensures technical support at a faster time than conventional plans.


Once you have chosen the optimal speed, it is time to know if the price charged for it is fair, if it is in accordance with the values ​​charged by the market. For this, an analysis of the providers can be done easily over the internet, comparing the values ​​with the speed offered. Access technology must also be taken into account, optical fiber is the future of this market, although not available in many places is recommended to choose it whenever possible.

Some companies sell the franchise internet service, meaning the user has a limited number of monthly data that can be downloaded, when reaching this limit the internet slows down or even access is interrupted. The customer must pay an extra amount to reconnect or wait for the deadline to reset the franchise. We are consuming data all the time, just a mobile phone is connected to the internet to make automatic updates even if the owner is not even close to him. Looking at a series online will end the franchise quickly, so preferably choose plans with unlimited internet.

Very common especially in large telecommunications companies in the sale of combos, where along with the internet the customer receives pay-TV and landline. Usually, these combos have advantages, hiring the three services is cheaper than paying them individually. In this case, it is worth asking the real need of the other services, whether you are hiring because you need it or just because it is cheaper. What companies can not do, including being prohibited by Anatel is the sale, to impose that for the hiring of a service the customer to bring another.

In addition, it is important that when contracting a plan, all contractual issues involved in the negotiation, such as plan fidelity, penalty upon cancellation and band guarantee are seen. As the technology industry is always evolving and the demand for users’ connection is increasing, keeping an up-to-date plan is a guarantee of not falling behind.

This contact need not only be from users, but providers can also call their customers by offering a plan change. Learn more about active services for Belluno providers.

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